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Where the Mission Is To Restore Emotional Wholeness To Communities In Need.


AMI Haiti

Why Haiti? Why Now?

AMI Haiti Supports the Canal

AMI Haiti supports the equitable distribution of natural resources in Haiti. The canal will not only bring clean water to needy communities, it will also assist in economic growth and access for Haiti. Dedicated Haitian, are leading an initiative to build a canal in northeast Haiti, showcasing the power of unity and determination. Their efforts have garnered significant support, both locally and internationally, proving that when Haitians come together, they can overcome even the most daunting challenges. This endeavor is more than a canal; it symbolizes an agricultural revolution and the spirit of resilience that defines our people.

Haiti has faced serious and compounding crises, including a devastating 2010 earthquake, floods, cholera outbreaks, hurricanes, and corrupt, dictatorial, and incompetent leaders. But the current crisis affects everyday life to a perilous degree; ordinary Haitians are afraid to leave their homes even to access food and water. 


Volunteers at the canal

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Support AMI Haiti’s on going mission or building schools and providing safe environments for the children of Haiti to learn. Your contribution will assist in purchasing building materials and desks for students. 

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